February 18, 2019
Understanding Positive Company Culture

Understanding Positive Company Culture – Rising Above Dysfunction

How many entrepreneurs focus on meeting the needs of their employees? Oftentimes, business owners let stress, frustration, greed, anger, control, manipulation, and blame guide their actions towards their team members and often receive the same in return. Rather than creating a safe, positive work environment, owners accidentally create a culture of fear and dysfunction. However, by understanding what motivates people, business owners can create a positive company culture that increases the overall value of their businesses.
February 15, 2019
Aspects of Great Employee Teams

The 14 Aspects of Great Employee Teams

Unless you’re a solopreneur, you have team members who are vital to your business. And quite honestly, you probably can’t run a successful business without your team. Yet, every person has a unique personality, bringing a different set of positive and negative issues to your business. So how do you get individual employees that work together like a well-oiled machine? Find out the aspects great employee teams have in common.
February 14, 2019
peer to peer lending

Peer to Peer Lending: An Alternative Source for Loans

Being a business owner often means needing capital, and sometimes you just don’t have the extra money you need. There are times you will want to turn to a traditional financial institution (i.e. a bank or credit union) for help, and there are times that may not be your best option. That’s where peer to peer lending (P2P) could come in. This alternative lending practice has been around for years but has risen in popularity over the last few. However, is it right for you and your business?
February 13, 2019
Does your marketing work? 4 ways to know.

Marketing – A Waste of Money or Essential for Growth?

Many times, entrepreneurs don’t see an immediate value or immediate return on their marketing investments. Therefore, they think marketing’s “not worth it.” Yet, their short-sighted view can lead to long-term loss of revenue. So just how do you know if marketing works? And does marketing matter when it comes to growing the value of your company?