November 17, 2017
investing to beat inflation

Income for Life Retirement Strategy #3: Investing to Beat Inflation

As we dig further into the income for life strategies, remember that even the best-laid plans can go awry. However, if you’ve taken any steps you doing better than half of the country when it comes to your retirement. Nevertheless, there is one area you may have forgotten to account for—inflation. So if you’re hoping to have a nest egg outlast you then this is one caveat that should not be ignored—investing to beat inflation!
November 16, 2017
Types of Risk in Investment

Finance 101: The Types of Risk in Investment

It never fails, when I have new clients coming in, they say they want all of the upside but none of the downside. Basically, they want their investment cake and to eat it too. However, the problem is you can’t invest without taking some risks. They need to understand the types of risk in investment to be most concerned with and the ones that are best left to the experts to worry about. Let’s discuss the kinds and how to deal with them.
November 14, 2017
Tax Tip Tuesday Financial Blog Post

Resources for Tax Help for Small Business Owners with Questions

Just ask any small business owner and you will find there is little downtime in their life.  Their to do list runs the gamut, from sales calls to bank runs. They hurry to complete deadlines and deal with employee issues. They literally deal with everything from advertising to taxes. Those taxes can be quite complicated too. The IRS offers these seven resources to help with common questions about small business taxes.
November 10, 2017
estate planning

Estate Planning 101: What You Need to Know

I have often said, “estate planning isn’t just for the retirees, it’s for you too!” We often think we will deal with what to do with our stuff much later in life, but the truth is, there is no time like the present for estate planning. Even if you aren’t retiring tomorrow, this crucial puzzle piece can mean the difference between worry and peace of mind for those that depend on you.