November 30, 2017
fiduciary ruling

Why the 2017 Fiduciary Ruling Matters to You

The much talked about Fiduciary Ruling expected from the Department of Labor has been delayed until July 1st, 2019. Now, I understand some of the reason for the delay. I even have a client who is an attorney for a major insurance company, and this person is leading the task for the company in dealing with DOL alternatives. Obviously, there are some issues when it comes to this ruling. After all, we have FINRA, the SEC, and now the DOL already involved. So when you add the 50 states with various interpretations of the rules of all three different regulatory bodies, what we really have is a mess. Here’s why I’m on a rant about it though.
November 30, 2017
why a business vision statement is important

Why a Business Vision Statement is Important to Its Sellability – Post #9

If you are following this set of articles, Building a Sellable Business series, you have built your business plan and hired the team to drive your long-term goals. Now’s the time you need to get everyone on the same page by presenting your overarching mission through a business vision statement.
November 28, 2017
Tax Tip Tuesday Financial Blog Post

Data Protection Tips to Help Taxpayers and Businesses

The second annual National Tax Security Awareness Week happened in late November 2017. This event is part of the Security Summit, part of an ongoing collaborative effort to combat tax-related identity theft. The IRS, state tax agencies, the tax industry, and groups came together to encourage people to protect their tax data and identities. Criminals are always working hard to obtain people’s personal data. With the number of data breaches at record levels, these are issues that pose a threat to individuals and businesses. And their new target – taxes and tax returns. Here are a few simple steps taxpayers can take to protect themselves from cybercriminals.
November 28, 2017
Tax Tip Tuesday Financial Blog Post

3 Last Minute Tax Tips for the 2018 Tax Filing That Can Be Done Now

Now that the tax return extension filing deadline has passed, the IRS suggests that you look ahead and get ready for next year. As a Taxpayer, you still have time to take these three actions that may affect the 2017 tax return you will file in 2018.
November 24, 2017
charitable remainder trust

Is a Charitable Remainder Trust for You?

Did you know that you could sell a business or a highly appreciated asset and not pay a dime in taxes? I know what you are thinking. Yes, it does sound too good to be true. However, this is not one of those cases. It is absolutely possible with a charitable remainder trust. Check out this video to find out how! 
November 23, 2017
Don't Neglect Personal Sustainability in Business

Don’t Neglect Personal Sustainability When Building Business Sustainability – Post #8

Most recently in our Sellable Business blog series, I’ve been dissecting the business characteristics that maximize or multiply our company’s resale value. Starting in episode #4, I’ve shown you how to master competitive advantage, make your business scalable, hire a great staff, and build a cash reserve to weather the business storms. Before leaping from our business’s growth phase into its exit phase, I want to talk to you about the personal side of your business’s sustainability – your personal sustainability: your physical well-being and how it affects your business’s value.