Ask Justin In Facebook Live

Just one more NEW way to help you make your life "financially simple," we have started Facebook Live events twice a week: Thursdays and Fridays at 4:30 ET.

The Thursday shows will deal with interesting, baffling, crazy financial questions we have come across. Yes, you can ask questions about these and other topics during this time. For the next few weeks, the primary topic will be the Numbers Behind Shark Tank - understanding how the Sharks value a business, what they are looking for, and what makes them reject a business.

Fridays we will be taking complex questions. This show is to try to cover complex financial questions and if he can't answer, we will be offering a special "prize".

PLEASE NOTE: With all the training and speaking events we are attending right now, we have put the Facebook Live events on hold for a few weeks. We will let you know (in social and email) the day we are live again.