June 19, 2018
Tax Tip Tuesday Financial Blog Post

Selling Your House? What You Need to Remember About the Taxes

If selling your house is in the near future, you a few things to keep in mind. For example, the sale of your home could put you in another tax bracket, that is unless you may also qualify to exclude all or part of the income from the sale. Below tax tips you need to know when you sell your home:
June 14, 2018
using retirement funds to buy real estate

Thinking About Using Retirement Funds to Buy Real Estate? Think About This First!

When looking for investment strategies to help you pad your retirement, one of the hottest options out there right now is real estate. Pundit after pundit is screaming, “Buy real estate! Buy real estate!” And while I don’t necessarily disagree with this concept, I do have a few suggestions to make when it comes to plunking money down on any real estate investments. 
June 13, 2018
What to do with the money after the sale of your business

SOLD! Now, What to Do with The Money After the Sale of Your Business? – Post #37

CONGRATULATIONS, friend! You just sold your business!!! You’ve realized success! Assuming that the statistics from the Exit Planning Institute are true, and 80% of businesses below 50 million dollars in revenue never sell, then you’ve just joined an elite minority of business owners. Way to go! You’ve just done something that few people have ever done. But what do you do now? If you’ve just received a financial windfall, what do you do with the money after the sale of your business?
June 12, 2018
Tax Tip Tuesday Financial Blog Post

The Tax Implications of Renting Out a Vacation Home

With popular sites like Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO renting out your property is becoming more and more popular, especially heading into summertime. However, you need to be aware of the tax implications of renting out vacation home.
June 8, 2018
investopedia top 100 winner Goodbread

Justin Goodbread Named Investopedia Top 100 Advisor of 2018

For the past couple of years, our fearless leader Justin Goodbread, CFP® has been hard at work to destroy the complexities of the financial world. Justin’s passion is to help take the complex subject of finances and make it simple. His motto is “Life is complicated, but money doesn’t have to be.” That’s why we here at Financially Simple are so proud to announce Justin’s distinguished honor of being named an Investopedia Top 100 advisor.
June 7, 2018
What a Business Owner can Expect At the Closing Table of A Business Sale

At the Closing Table of A Business Sale… What You as the Seller Can Expect – Post #36

In our Building a Sellable Business series, both parties have now satisfied. We’re ready to sit down at the closing table. Can you believe it? After a “mere” 35 articles, months of prework, and thousands of hoops jumped through, we’ve reached the actual sale of your business! But what happens next? Where do you go to sign paperwork, and what can you expect to happen when you get there? Well, let’s dive in and look at what you can expect at the closing table of a business sale.