February 22, 2018

Justin’s Thoughts: Give (Information) and You Shall Receive (Trust)

Financial advisors are a dime a dozen these days. That’s why it is so important to hire someone you can trust. Financial plans can be simple or complicated; working with the right person ensures you will know what you are doing and why. While there may be more than one way to do something, there is likely a right way to do for you. Look for a planner that is willing to find it for you. 
February 21, 2018
In-Person Tax Help

How to Get In-Person Tax Help from the IRS

When working on your taxes, questions will come up that you don’t feel you are getting clear answers for. The IRS does offer help, and yes, in-person tax help. The IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center (TAC) lets you find and call to schedule an in-person appointment. The people you will be talking to are provided by the IRS when your tax issue cannot be resolved online or by phone.
February 20, 2018
Tax Tip Tuesday Financial Blog Post

10 Tips for Choosing a Tax Preparerer

When it comes to taxes, I’ve said a million times. HIRE A PROFESSIONAL! Choosing a tax preparer to help file a tax return is one of the greatest steps you can take to ensure you file your return properly. However, choose wisely, because you, the taxpayer, are ultimately responsible for all the information on the return. 
February 16, 2018

I Just Inherited Money! Now What?

Have you ever been the beneficiary of a nice little sum of money or some other inheritance? If so you know deciding what to do with inherited money can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few ideas on how to spend sthe unexpected cash — HINT: these tips can also be a good way to make use your tax return, if you get one!  
February 14, 2018
Drive up the Value of a Business

Can Streamlining A Business Hurt its Eventual Sell-Ability?

As a business owner, personal financial planning is key to getting to the next stage of life, whether that’s retirement or just a change in direction for your own personal gain. This is where you reach the point where you ask yourself, “Is my business WORTH the amount of money that I need to transition to the next phase?” Here’s the thing, when it comes to entrepreneurs, we’re audacious. We see the mountain and we start climbing. Failure just isn’t an option. We might stumble, but eventually, we will reach the peak or die trying. But when we are near leaving, this determination before we put our business up for sale can backfire on us. Cost-cutting measures to make our business look better on paper can ultimately hurt its sell-ability. How it is possible that streamlining a business could be bad?
February 13, 2018
Tax Tip Tuesday Financial Blog Post

What to Do if You Have Not Received Your Healthcare Forms for Your Taxes

The IRS extended the 2018 due date for certain employers and health coverage providers to furnish 2017 health coverage information forms to individuals.The March 2 date is a 30-day extension from the original due date of Jan. 31. Because of these extensions, individuals may not receive their Forms 1095-B or 1095-C by the time they are ready to file their 2017 individual income tax return.