July 30, 2018
Foundational Characteristics of Successful Business Owners

7 Characteristics of Successful Business Owners – Article #3

As an entrepreneur and someone who has worked with hundreds of other entrepreneurs over the past 9 years or so, I’ve observed certain common characteristics of successful business owners. I’ve seen these traits in the people I have worked with and in ones I have studied.
July 26, 2018
Turning Your Side Hustle Into Your Full-time Job

6 Goals Needed for Turning Your Side Hustle Into Your Full-time Job

You have been doing some work outside the office, and you really enjoy it. So much so that it has you are wondering if it can become more than just the source of a little extra spending money. But what is required to turn your side hustle into your full-time job? We will look at goals that could lead you to the career you’ve always dreamed.
July 24, 2018
Tax Tip Tuesday Financial Blog Post

Options for Relief from Tax Penalties

Meeting tax obligations is always something you want to ensure you have covered. However, from time to time you may be among the millions of taxpayers that, due to unforeseen circumstances, may not be able to pay. This means you will likely be charged penalties on top of your tax bill. When that happens, you might have options for relief from tax penalties.
July 23, 2018
Do You Have an Entrepreneurial Personality

Do You Have an Entrepreneurial Personality? – Article #2

Just because you have a great idea for a business doesn’t mean you will be a good business man or woman. In fact, your personality traits could exclude you from successful business ownership altogether. Before you jump into creating a business around your idea, take a moment to evaluate yourself. Do you have an entrepreneurial personality? Do you have the type of personality to make it in a cut-throat marketplace?
July 19, 2018
Second-to-die Life Insurance

A Second-to-die Life Insurance Policy Can Help Reduce Estate Taxes

If you have ever shopped for life insurance, then you know it can be quite overwhelming. There are many different options. Two of the most popular are term insurance and whole life, both of which you have likely heard of. However, today, I’m introducing you to another type of life insurance policy. The second-to-die life insurance policy is a policy which is often employed as part of an estate plan. 
July 18, 2018
Assessing Your Business Idea

Starting a Business Series: Assessing Your Business Idea – Article #1

With this blog, I’m pleased to announce the start of a new business education series – Beginning a Business. Yes, I know I recently wrapped-up a series about selling a business. But now, I am going back to the beginning… starting a business. As a financial planner with years of business planning and growth, I work with people like you often. I know where you are… you have a BIG IDEA, and you are excited about it. But removing the emotion, the implementation starts with assessing your business idea. In this series, we will start here as the first step to getting your business running.