February 13, 2019

Marketing – A Waste of Money or Essential for Growth?

Many times, entrepreneurs don’t see an immediate value or immediate return on their marketing investments. Therefore, they think marketing’s “not worth it.” Yet, their short-sighted view can lead to long-term loss of revenue. So just how do you know if marketing works? And does marketing matter when it comes to growing the value of your company?
February 11, 2019

The Four C’s – Branding for Small Businesses

Oftentimes, you see business branding without recognizing it for what it is. Yet, if I describe certain brands, I’m positive you can guess the companies behind them. For instance, if you see a giant red N, what do you think of? Did you guess Netflix? What about a swish? It’s Nike, right? Surely you recognize a big yellow M. The McDonald’s brand is everywhere! The instant recognition of your company is what we will be working on using the Four C’s for branding for your small business. 
February 8, 2019

5 Ways to Solidify Your Market Positioning – Image Matters

When your customers or prospective customers think about you and your company, what is their impression? What would you like them to think about? How do they perceive you compared to the competition? Is there a keyword or phrase by which you want your company to be known? Do your customers think of that when they think of you? Essentially, your marketing techniques determine your market positioning within your industry. Therefore, you must take active strides to keep it strong or to make it stronger.
February 6, 2019

Are You Under-utilizing The Marketing in Your Business?

One of the most under-utilized methods for growing your business and the value of your business is marketing. However, you can’t just run out and start slinging money at random marketing options. You need a plan. I’m going to ask you to slow down. Take the time to research and focus then devise a plan that utilizes the marketing options that best work for your business. Quit complaining that your “random” marketing doesn’t work.
February 4, 2019

9 Core Elements Of Marketing Your Business Must Have

English Oxford Dictionaries describes marketing as “The action or business of promoting and selling products or services including market research and advertising.” That means that marketing is present during all stages of business, from the beginning to the end. Ultimately, marketing is the process of getting customers interested in your company’s products or services. If this sounds essential, well it is. But where to begin? With learning and implementing the core elements of marketing of course.
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