November 4, 2017
Make Money on YouTube

5 Tips to Make Money on YouTube

When it comes to digital video content, we all know that YouTube is the king of content. When I started my blog, I also created a YouTube channel to host my videos that I share with you. For me, it was another excellent avenue for reaching people to help make their lives financially simple. We’ve all heard these crazy success stories of people making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from their YouTube videos. Many times I get asked, “Justin, do you make any money off those videos?” So I thought I would share some tips with you guys on how your YouTube channel could help you pocket some extra cash.
May 17, 2017

The Basics of Good Wealth Building in your 20s and 30s

Laying a Good Wealth Building Foundation in your 20s and 30s Hey guys! It’s Justin Goodbread from Financially Simple. Here are some tips for laying a good wealth building foundation early on. If you catch on to these you undoubtedly increase chances of success when it comes to your finances.