March 20, 2018
Tax Tip Tuesday Financial Blog Post

These Tax Credits Can Mean a Refund for Individual Taxpayers

Some taxpayers are not required to file a tax return, however, they may want to do so because it is possible they qualify for a tax refund due to tax credits. However, taxpayers need to submit a 2017 tax return in order to claim these credits.
October 19, 2017

The Black Monday Stock Market Crash: 30 Years Later

If you’ve ever had the ‘Monday Blues’, then you know they can be hard to beat. That feeling of dread and anxiety that carries into returning from your weekend. However, you probably conquer all by the end of the day and are ready to tackle the rest of the work week. That is unless you ended up starting the week off like stockbrokers did on Monday, October 19th, 1987. The Black Monday Stock Market Crash brought about some serious ‘Monday Blues’ for investors 30 years ago.
October 16, 2017

How To Be A Better Investor Than The Experts

If you watch any of the so-called financial experts on TV, then you know their market predictions are always spot on, right? Think again. I watched a financial guru take to the airwaves touting his phenomenal record of correctly predicting market returns over the last 10 years. He suggested 2017 is the year to top all others with historic gains, even going as far as predicting the DOW will hit 21,000, which it has at this point. As the host began taking viewer phone calls, his answer to a viewer’s questions showed his accuracy wasn’t as good as he’d initially suggested. A caller asked how often the expert nailed returns over the last 10 years. His response: In 2008, 2014 and 2015. The viewer then said, “So in the last 10 years, you’ve been right three times.” This led the pundit to claim it’s about knowing when and how to call […]
October 16, 2017

Asset Allocation: How Should I Invest Today to Prepare for Tomorrow?

When looking at the world around us, it’s hard not to question where the best place to invest your money is. Every 24-hour news cycle is filled with doom and gloom from one end of the earth to the other on any given day. In just the past couple of months we’ve seen, several major hurricanes consistently popping up; massive wildfires engulfing the western half of the United States. The shooting massacre of Las Vegas claiming several dozen lives. Globally, we are battling countries threatening to exit the European Union. We have countries talking about default. Then there is Venezuela dealing with hyperinflation to the point that their citizens are literally starving to death. Terrorism is an ever constant threat. On top of all that, we have this crazy North Korean crisis that could possibly catapult the world into World War III. Everywhere we turn something is happening. Then on […]
October 13, 2017
when will the bear come out of hibernation

The Market is High But Should We Still Buy

We’ve all heard the old adage, what goes up must come down. Attributed to Sir Isaac Newton, who is accredited with discovering the law of gravity, the proverb means just what it says. What does that have to do with a financial blog? Everything—especially with a bull market that is hitting all-time highs. At some point, the market will pull back as well. Knowing that the market could drop may make you a little leery of jumping in and investing. However, investing now could increase your liquid net worth and here is how. In a recent meeting with a prospective client, they expressed concerns about a market correction. Point blank they asked, “Justin wouldn’t I be better off to stay in cash position and just make just 1% until the markets crash? Then I could take my money and buy in, right?” This is actually an excellent question. It’s a […]
October 11, 2017
income for life

Learning Asset Allocation at age 60

When I first meet with a client concerning investment planning, I like to discuss asset allocation and how to utilize it for retirement. Granted I work with people of all ages, yet far too often I’m having the same conversation no matter the age. With more than half of all small businesses owned by Baby Boomers, I have more and more clients walking into my office looking to sell their companies and begin retirement. The problem is most business owners have 80% of their net worth tied up in their business. Which means I’m having the exact same conversation with these owners that I’m having with my 20 somethings that are just starting out. I have a particular client that decided to sell his business last year. We’ve spent the past 24 months working on the ins and outs of that transaction. The sell recently took place, and he ended […]