October 16, 2017

Asset Allocation: How Should I Invest Today to Prepare for Tomorrow?

When looking at the world around us, it’s hard not to question where the best place to invest your money is. Every 24-hour news cycle is filled with doom and gloom from one end of the earth to the other on any given day. In just the past couple of months we’ve seen, several major hurricanes consistently popping up; massive wildfires engulfing the western half of the United States. The shooting massacre of Las Vegas claiming several dozen lives. Globally, we are battling countries threatening to exit the European Union. We have countries talking about default. Then there is Venezuela dealing with hyperinflation to the point that their citizens are literally starving to death. Terrorism is an ever constant threat. On top of all that, we have this crazy North Korean crisis that could possibly catapult the world into World War III. Everywhere we turn something is happening. Then on […]
October 13, 2017
when will the bear come out of hibernation

The Market is High But Should We Still Buy

We’ve all heard the old adage, what goes up must come down. Attributed to Sir Isaac Newton, who is accredited with discovering the law of gravity, the proverb means just what it says. What does that have to do with a financial blog? Everything—especially with a bull market that is hitting all-time highs. At some point, the market will pull back as well. Knowing that the market could drop may make you a little leery of jumping in and investing. However, investing now could increase your liquid net worth and here is how. In a recent meeting with a prospective client, they expressed concerns about a market correction. Point blank they asked, “Justin wouldn’t I be better off to stay in cash position and just make just 1% until the markets crash? Then I could take my money and buy in, right?” This is actually an excellent question. It’s a […]
September 25, 2017

The Triathlon of Finances

Triathlons are grueling tests of stamina, strength, and spirit. The multi-faceted sport consists of three strenuous physical disciplines of endurance. In its more familiar format, participants swim, cycle and run. Every year I take on the challenge of doing an Olympic distance triathlon, which is a one-mile swim, a 26-mile bike ride, finished off with a six-mile run. In doing so, it keeps me young or at least trying to feel that way. Actually, the real reason I do them is that I like, no, I love pizza. So I choose to kill myself on a yearly basis because in order for me eat to pizza I need to burn lots of calories. If I’m going to burn lots of calories, I have to move. Well if I’m going to move enough to burn those calories, it absolutely has to be something I like. So I figured, hey I love […]
September 24, 2017
choose the right executor

Choose the Right Executor

We all face a reality that we most likely don’t want to focus on—death. The thought of dying is a rather touchy subject in which we often don’t like to discuss. However, it is one we must consider if we hope to leave our families without a financial mess upon our passing. That’s where a Last Will and Testament come in; it dictates where your assets go after your death. Not only is it imperative to have this legal document properly prepared, it is equally as important to choose the right executor to carry out your wishes. Many times, in my office, I am beyond shocked by the amount of people that have not taken the time to prepare this document. Additionally, if they do actually end up having one, it is often not up to date. Inevitably, part of my job repeatedly becomes persuading clients to meet with an […]
September 20, 2017

Carrying Debt: The Roller Coaster Effect

Not long ago, I shared a post about paying off your mortgage versus investing. As I stated in that post, I was dealing with the mathematical data in a vacuum. Most of the time, when math is done in a vacuum, it does not account for the “what ifs” of life. Each and every one of us rides a roller coaster of emotion from one day to the next. In that blog post, I simply provided the scenarios based on average statistics. Mathematically, it does not make sense to pay a mortgage off! However, that doesn’t mean it’s the wrong choice to make. Let’s take a ride on the debt roller coaster to understand. I received tons of feedback concerning the post. Why did I use age 50 in the previous blog post? Why would you ever pay the mortgage off? What if the stock market performs lower? Etc. Each […]
September 19, 2017

The Storm Passed: What’s Next?

The recent hurricanes have dealt low blows all across the southern U.S. along with many of the beautiful Caribbean islands. Just last week millions of Floridians, Georgians, and Carolinians evacuated ahead of the massive storm Hurricane Irma. Just prior to her brutality, Houstonians and others along the coast of Texas broke down as Hurricane Harvey crippled the nation’s 4th largest city. Now, even today, we watch and wait to behold the devastation Hurricane Maria leaves in her wake, as she tramples the U.S. Virgin island of St. Croix. Natural disasters are horrendous. They not only bring about physical devastation but a hurricane of emotions with them as well. Knowing what to do after the storm is just as important as prepping for it too. Now that the storm passed, what should you do once you return home? Well, if you come back to your house and find everything in disarray, there […]