May 29, 2018
Tax Tip Tuesday Financial Blog Post

Tax Breaks for Members of the Military

As Americans wrap up celebrating Memorial Day, the IRS wants to give those serving in the military a little extra education about the unique nature of their taxes. Members of the armed forces are often eligible for certain tax breaks. For example, special military-only rules mean military families are exempt from taxes on certain types of income, might pay less in taxes, or could have more time to file and pay their taxes.
September 9, 2017
what is the debt ceiling

What is the Debt Ceiling and its Impact on the Economy

Much has been said about the ever-contentious battle over the debt ceiling. Yet, you might be asking what the big deal is? To understand the importance of the debt ceiling, you need to understand what it is, to begin with. The debt ceiling limits the amount of money a country can borrow. Created in 1917 during World War I to keep the President in check fiscally, it has obviously since continued on an upward path. The reason it is so key to our economy is the U.S. runs the risk of defaulting on their debts to foreign entities if it is not raised.
September 7, 2017

Why Does the Market Not Take a Hit When Natural Disasters Happen?

Growing up in a small coastal city of Southern Georgia taught me to never underestimate hurricanes. They are not just something you see on TV; they are actual monsters to fear. Riding out a storm was never an option with my parents. The sheer magnitude of devastation they leave in their wake quickly brings you to your knees. My heart aches for those preparing to overcome Hurricane Harvey in Houston. Not only that one but Hurricane Irma, which is barreling directly toward South Florida. What damage will be left in the wake of her landfall for those residents is yet to be determined.
September 4, 2017
labor day

Labor Day Points to Ponder for Success

As a financial planner in Knoxville, Tennessee, I knew the first Monday in September didn’t bring just Labor Day, it also meant Boomsday. For 28 years in our quaint little city nestled at the foot of the Smoky Mountains, fireworks burst in the air along the banks of the Tennessee River. While the rest of the country eagerly awaited a three-day weekend, Knoxvillans and those in surrounding towns anticipated the massive fireworks display that many considered the unofficial kickoff to fall. Now that the smoke has cleared and Boomsday has since met its demise, Labor Day in our East Tennessee home still conjures up excitement and emotions of gratitude. The annual holiday pays tribute to the contributions employees across the nation make to strengthening our country each and every day. The History of Labor Day For more than 120 years, hard-working Americans have celebrated the holiday thanks to the labor […]
July 4, 2017

The Broker that Helped Free the Colonies

Today as we celebrate our independence, it’s easy to think of those founding fathers, like Franklin, Washington, Jefferson, or Hancock, that we attribute so much of our country’s success to. However, there’s one name you probably haven’t ever heard of, yet his role in our freedom was instrumental in so many ways, Haym Salomon. He is the broker that helped free the colonies. His contribution included making sure the Continental Army received the necessary financing to keep going during the American Revolution. Not only did he keep the money rolling in to prevent them from throwing in the towel, but he also helped found the country’s first national bank, the Bank of North America. Born in Poland in 1740, Salomon a Sephardic Jew, traveled through Western Europe learning the ins and outs of banking and financing. Eventually, he immigrated to the colonies, just prior to the Revolution, landing in New […]
June 28, 2016

The Brexit Effect — Financially Simple

With all the uproar lately of Brexit, your thoughts may have turned to wondering just how much your portfolio would be affected? As with most major world events, the stock market reacted to U.K. vote to leave the European Union by dropping; the Dow came in 3.4% of it’s value and the S&P lost 3.6% when the announcement came on June 24th. Just like any other time the markets react negatively, you have a couple of options on what to do next. Nothing The old adage, “Silence is golden” is a perfect metaphor for when the market turns on you in an unfavorable manner. Sometimes it’s wise to say nothing or in this case, do nothing. Thinking the best thing to do is pull your money and run? Not so fast; the more likely scenario is that you’ll end up regretting it. History shows those that panic during market downturns end up with […]