May 29, 2018
Tax Tip Tuesday Financial Blog Post

Tax Breaks for Members of the Military

As Americans wrap up celebrating Memorial Day, the IRS wants to give those serving in the military a little extra education about the unique nature of their taxes. Members of the armed forces are often eligible for certain tax breaks. For example, special military-only rules mean military families are exempt from taxes on certain types of income, might pay less in taxes, or could have more time to file and pay their taxes.
September 26, 2016
Investing under a Clinton Presidency

Investing Under a Clinton Presidency

Yesterday we took a look at some areas that could potentially be big investment areas under a Trump presidency. Today we’re dissecting the agenda of Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton. The two candidates are polar opposites on just about every issue at hand, so where do you go to bat if she becomes the next president of the United States. Here’s a few we foresee being possible winners. Managed Healthcare Companies Clinton has made no bones about what a fan she is of socialized medicine. She recently stated she wanted to take the Affordable Care Act a step further than President Obama did. If she has the opportunity to capitalize on that promise, then someone has to manage it, which is where the managed healthcare providers come in to play. A four or eight-year term under Clinton will likely turn the heads of investors this direction making these companies ones to […]