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Financially Simple Black Friday Deals

black friday

What kind of financial planner would I be if I didn’t give you some money saving tips—and on Black Friday of course! While Santa is busy finishing up his list for all the good little boys and girls, the Financially Simple team has their eyes on a few gifts they want to snag for themselves. With Black Friday just a few days away, we’re sharing our top go-to gifts and deals (or not—John) that you may want to check out.

We will start with the faces you may regularly see.

Julie is the lovely voice that will greet you when you call the office. She handles a variety of tasks—everything from client pacing to coordinating Justin and Jim’s schedules! For that very reason, she’s dreaming of a Cup-a-Joe to make her Christmas merry and bright. Not just any cup though, one from this awesome Keurig coffee maker. Right now you can snag it for 37% off! If you’re in need of caffeine, you may want to check this steal out!

Next Jim is our runner—not only will you find him running around the office, but he’s literally a marathon runner. What does most every athlete have on their list? ASICS running shoes! Fun tidbit about Jim—he once completed a triathlon wearing a pink tutu, coconut bra, and Speedo—all for a great cause of course. He raised a ton of money for breast cancer awareness in that event. So before you set off to run your next race for a great cause, you may want to drop a few dollars on these awesome ASICS—you can get them for 16% off.

Justin, being the handyman in the group, wants a toolkit. He loves building things with his hands, and every man needs power tools to transform the mundane into a work of art. Just ask his wife Emily about his skills. He built her a custom set of barn wood shelves to display her favorite photos and a custom barn wood light fixture for the dining room table! So in his free time—he wants to tackle more honey-to-dos with this unbelievable $600 toolset that you can own for half price!!

Now for the team members, you don’t see as much! They keep Financially Simple and Heritage Investors running behind the scenes.

Raquel is our busy homeschooling mom of seven—we aren’t sure how she does it either­—who works hard at correcting Justin’s spelling. At the top of her wishlist is cooking meals quickly. When you have that many little mouths to feed, you want to get it on the table fast! What better way to do that than the newest craze—an Instant Pot®. Right now you can snag that at 14% off. Since there is a learning curve for those newbies joining the pressure cooking world, she’s also hoping to snag this cookbook to go with it!

John, our newest member, is our content marketing expert. He’s the creative type, which means he loves to cultivate his artistic abilities. You gotta watch those artsy ones; they are total renegades which means, his Black Friday deal is only a deal for him! Since he’s musician, he beats to his own drum and is asking Santa for a new drumset.*

Here are a couple of deals that didn’t make the team’s list, but are too awesome not to mention!

First, we shoot our Financially Simple videos on a Canon Rebel EOS T6. Right now you can own this fantastic camera for $250 off the regular price. Also, if you’re looking to put more green in your pocket for the holidays, you can do so by cutting the cord. This antenna gives you flexibility and is 46% off. Not only will you save there but we found an awesome website that pays you to shop!

So there you have it! Our Financially Simple Christmas wishlist along with a few other money saving tips to keep your holiday budget on track!

*editor’s note:
John purchased his first (and only) drumset back in 1979 for $200. This equates to $5.26 per year not including money subtracted off from “gig payments” earned back then. Of course, this past ROI is not an indicator of future earnings… John would need to play these drums for the 187 years to match the cost per year.

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