Starting a Business - A Financially Simple education

New to Business?

If you've found us, you’re someone with the drive to own your own business. You want to help others and make a living doing it. But, you have questions and concerns.
Together, we'll work through the steps you might take as you build the entity of your dreams (don’t worry; we'll talk about entities and many other topics that will help you transform your big idea into reality). Will it be tough? Sure, but it's worth it.

Here are the top questions startup business owners like yourself ask:

first in list

Is your business idea a good one?

You think you have a great idea. But do you really? Learn how to tell whether your idea is viable enough to launch a business.

second in list

Are you a "business type" of person?

You've got a viable idea, but do you have the personality and drive to run a business?

third in list

Money... where does it come from?

Money is the lifeblood of any business. This post will get your brain ready to deal with finances, both for yourself and your new business.


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