PPP Expense Tracking Spreadsheet

PPP Expense Tracking Calculator

Helping you keep track of your Paycheck Protection Program expenses

This process can be a daunting task especially with the constant changes by the SBA. That's why our advisors here at Financially Simple have created this tool. It is designed to take the guesswork out of tracking which expenses count toward your PPP loan forgiveness.

Our PPP Calculator, a powerful but easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet, accounts for every expense as you allocate your PPP funds, making it simple to determine your forgiveness amount and report to your own financial institution. Get the calculator when you subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter. In it, we will send you notices of updates to the PPP requirements, CARES act, and other COVID-related business articles.

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This worksheet is in no way a guarantee of required information and should not be inferred as any determination of forgiveness. Use of the worksheet is voluntary and forgiveness is not dependent upon worksheet use.

Last update; 6/18/2020

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