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Resources for Tax Help for Small Business Owners with Questions

Tax Tip Tuesday Financial Blog Post

Just ask any small business owner and you will find there is little downtime in their life.  Their to do list runs the gamut, from sales calls to bank runs. They hurry to complete deadlines and deal with employee issues. They literally deal with everything from advertising to taxes. Those taxes can be quite complicated too.

The IRS website offers tax help for small business owners through their website. These seven links will be a great start for looking for answers to many of your common questions.

  • Searching for Topics:
    Owners can utilize the A-to-Z Index for Business to help with small business topics.
  • Looking at the Big Picture:
    The Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center brings information on to one common place.
  • Finding Forms:
    The Small Business Forms and Publications page helps business owners find the documents they need for the type of business they own. It lists tax forms, instructions, desk guides and more.
  • Organizing Tasks:
    The IRS Tax Calendar for Businesses and Self-Employed helps owners stay organized. It includes tax due dates and actions for each month. Users can subscribe to calendar reminders or import the calendar to their desktop or calendar on their mobile device.
  • Getting Information by Email:
    If you are a small business owner, sign up for the e-News for Small Businesses. This is a free, electronic service with deadline information. These emails also offer tips, news, emerging issues and more.
  • Watching Videos:
    Informational videos, as well as learning events covering a variety of business topics, can be found on the IRS Video Portal.
  • Meeting in Person or Online:
    IRS partner sponsored small business workshops, seminars, and meetings are held all over the country.  Topics range from retirement plans and recordkeeping. Some provide overviews, while other are very in-depth.


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