August 26, 2016
Childrens College Education

4 Ways of Funding Childrens College Education

Funding childrens college education is among the popular financial goals that parents set for themselves. Since this can be a huge investment, it is worth the time invested to carefully plan for it to ensure that whatever method is chosen, it will be effective. The best way to plan for a child’s college education is to start planning early – as soon as the child is born if possible. However, not all parents have the desire or the discipline to start planning at birth. Whatever method is chosen, the aim should be to set aside enough funds to ensure that your children can attend college when the time arises without having any significant disruptions in your financial life. 4 Ways of Funding Childrens College Education The most common ways of funding children’s college education include savings, scholarships and grants, financial aid and student loans or mortgages. Savings Financial institutions offer many different types of accounts specifically aimed at helping parents save for their children’s college education. Usually, the savings accounts offer unique features which make saving attractive, such as higher rates of return. Some parents opt to use cash value life insurance policies to fund a college education.  The popular […]
July 15, 2016
park the college savings

Where do I park the college savings?

“Where do I park the college savings?”, If you’ve got yourself on track financially and you’re ready to start saving for you child’s college expenses then you may be asking yourself where do I put the savings? There’s a myriad of options when it comes to college savings. Today let’s look at where you can park that money to get the most out of it. The most popular way to invest your college savings is a 529 Plan. This is a state sponsored plan that was created in 1996 that allows you to put money in that will be invested in mutual funds, index funds and things of that nature. The great thing about these plans are they grow tax free and can be used for qualifying college expenses. For example, let’s say you invest $10,000 over a period of time and your money grows to $20,000. You can then pull the whole amount out to pay qualified expenses like tuition, books, etc. TAX FREE!!! 529 plans can also be an individual or group plans. Individual plans can be purchased directly from the state or an advisor. Those purchased directly from the state often have the lowest fees, however if you aren’t […]
March 11, 2016
child not college, first time parent

Saving for a child who may not go to college

Saving for a child who may not go to college One of your primary responsibilities when you welcome a child into the world is preparing them for adulthood. Of course you feed them, clothe them and house them. You make sure they have a good education, and you instill them with a solid sense of right and wrong. Many families, though, want to go a little further and save for the time a child enters adulthood. This savings will often be in the form of a college fund, but that’s not the only choice. There are ways to prepare for a child’s wedding, their first home, or even a mission trip overseas. The direction you take will depend on your resources, your location, and the likely end use for that money. Last week we discussed your options for college savings. This week we will look at savings for other purposes. Saving for expenses other than college The traditional vehicles for college savings generally require that the money go toward qualified college expenses with an accredited institution. But these are not the only major expenses faced by young people as they go into the world. We can’t begin to come up […]
March 5, 2016
College as an Investment

College as an Investment – Financially Simple

It helps to think of college as an investment.