March 18, 2016
Couples: His, Hers or Ours?

Couples: His, Hers or Ours? – Financially Simple

“Couples”, Coupling is hard enough before you ever join the finances together—add that aspect to the relationship and far too often things quickly begin to turn south. With money being one of the biggest factors in about 45% of all divorces, according to a 2009 article in The New York Times, it’s a good idea to start working together and towards a plan when it comes to money. Here’s what I see a great deal of. A wife will go out and spend $300-500 on $20-$30 ticket items — “necessities” according to her. However, the husband will come in get aggravated demanding to know what in the world she’s spending all this money on and in turn go and spend the same amount of money on a few big ticket items. In his mind he’s out working hard to earn all this money that she’s blowing. While she’s thinking she’s out […]