October 12, 2016
Debt Reduction

Debt Reduction: Fastest way to get out of debt?

Debt reduction isn’t just something the Federal Government needs to wok on. We all wonder if we’ll ever pay off the debt we amass and if we do how can we do it quickly? If you’re looking for the fastest way to get out of debt too, here’s a short video. Justin Goodbread, CFP®, Financial Advisor and Wealth Manager with HeritageInvestor.com and FinanciallySimple.com offers some tips to simplify the process. Debt Reduction: Fastest way to get out of debt?  
August 11, 2016
How to become your Advisors best client

Hiring a good Financial Planner

In this article we will guide you for ” Hiring a good Financial Planner”. Finding financial experts these days can seem easier than slicing bread. In our technological age a simple Google search will turn up everything from a virtual advisor to a planner in a brick and mortar store. You can cross state lines or settle for the guy down the street. Whomever you choose to work with, there are a few important traits you’ll want to make sure your advisor can offer. They know their clients. You may be thinking as long as they know finances that is all that matters to me. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Most investment people will likely have no problem when it comes to knowing how to deal with money, but if they don’t know the person’s money they’re working with…the relationship could be one-sided and you may spend more time frustrated by what your investments are or are not bringing in than having a relaxing evening with your family. When you know someone, you know their hobbies, their passions, their motivations…I know what drives each and everyone of my clients. If the markets are spiraling on a given day, I […]