June 2, 2017
rain, rain go away

Rain, Rain Go Away: Handling the Unexpected Storms

Here’s the weekly garden update from Joseph’s Ridge! Can you say, rain, rain go away! Heavy downpours hammered us with rain right after planting our crops! No matter how well you plan, sometimes, you just have to deal with life at it comes at you. Here’s how we handled unexpected storms! Rain, Rain Go Away!
May 19, 2017
From Finance Extraordinaire to Weekend Farmer

From Finance Extraordinaire to Weekend Farmer

Hey, guys! Some of you asked how I decompress away from the office. So I decided to give you a glimpse of Justin the “Weekend Farmer” as I gear up for garden season! I’ll take you through the process on the homestead which we call Joseph’s Ridge and just because I can I’ll even throw in some bonus finance tips along the way! So get ready to not only walk the path to make your life financially simple but gardening simple too! Enjoy the journey and make it a great day!