August 9, 2016

VIDEO: Answering a Mom’s Question on How to Save Extra Money each Month

How to Save Extra Money each Month Save Extra Money Each Month Are you on a tight budget and know you need to save more? If you are like most people, we know we need to save but do not understand how to accomplish this mandate. Justin Goodbread, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER(TM) and Wealth Manager with Heritage Investors in Knoxville, TN provides you with a few ‘out side the box’ ideas on how to save additional money without changing much in our daily lifestyle. Heritageinvestors Planningisfun So in this article and video we have described the full tips on ” How to save extra $ each month”.
April 13, 2016
best time to buy a stock

When is the best time to buy a stock?

When is the best time to buy a stock? Hey guys it’s Justin Goodbread. I’m bringing you the client question of the week. We’ve all heard this one, “Justin when’s the best time for me to buy a stock?” You’ve heard it! You’ve been at a party your friends are telling you about it you’re here XYZ company… I have four rules before you buy a stock. 1st. Do you have your emergency fund in place? Justin,  you always preach about this! Yep, you’ve  gotta have money in the bank before start investing. You need three to six months worth of expenses setback. 2nd. Are you contributing to your retirement account? You have to be contributing to retire account before you play the stock market. 3rd. Purchase stock in the company that you’re familiar with.  Where do you shop? I love to hunt and  fish. Its  just my thing.  So maybe I  buy a stock of the company that pick up […]