March 1, 2017
TOP Budgeting Apps and Their Drawback

5 Top Budgeting Apps and Their Drawbacks

With today’s ever-advancing technology, tracking your finances has never been easier. No matter what route you’re hoping to take with your fiscal matters, there’s likely a website or app for to help you get there. Here are five of my favorite budgeting apps that can and will help you keep tabs on your money. 1.—This app, available for both iPhone and Android, is not only an app but a website as well. It’s a basically a complete snapshot of your financial path. It uses a simple interface that’s easy for anyone to integrate into his or her lifestyle. You can track investments and see just exactly how much your net worth is if you allow it too. It’s extremely popular among Millennials and Gen Yers. 2. Wally—For those who travel extensively, this is without a doubt an excellent tool to add to their financial repertoire. Rated #1 in 22 […]