August 9, 2016

VIDEO: Answering a Mom’s Question on How to Save Extra Money each Month

How to Save Extra Money each Month Save Extra Money Each Month Are you on a tight budget and know you need to save more? If you are like most people, we know we need to save but do not understand how to accomplish this mandate. Justin Goodbread, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER(TM) and Wealth Manager with Heritage Investors in Knoxville, TN provides you with a few ‘out side the box’ ideas on how to save additional money without changing much in our daily lifestyle. Heritageinvestors Planningisfun So in this article and video we have described the full tips on ” How to save extra $ each month”.
June 3, 2016

What Should I Do When the Stock Market is Going Up and Down?

What Should You Do in a Volatile Market? The stock market moves up and down; sometimes rapidly. Justin Goodbread, CFP(R), addresses what we should and should not do in volatile markets. Knoxville based Wealth Management Firm Heritage Investors works with select successful business owners and retiree’s by building comprehensive financial plans. So above we have give you the tips on what to do or what not to do when stock market moves up and down. If you not watched the video yet then please watch it now for the full tutorial. If you like our videos then share it with your family and friends and support us to provide you such useful information continuously. Thanks a lot for landing on this video post about “What Should You Do in a Volatile Market?”.
March 1, 2016

Asset Allocation: There’s More to it Than You Think

Balance among types of investment is as important as the balance among individual stocks and bonds. Just as individual companies and investments may do better or worse, various areas of the economy may also fare well or poorly. Of course, you prefer for all of your investments to strike gold, but that doesn’t happen for even the savviest among us. Instead, we have to plan for the occasional hiccup in our portfolios. In other words, we must diversify. By balancing among different types of investment, different durations of investment, and different weighting of risk and reward, we attempt to maximize the money coming in while protecting ourselves from the inevitable ups and downs of individual investments and markets. This strategy is known as diversification, and it is familiar to most of us. We look for the balance that comes from dividing our investments between stocks and bonds or between big companies and small ones. Indeed, how we should diversify is basic to the debate among major investors and financial advisors as they look at investment theories. The opportunities available for balancing your investments and guarding against the volatility of markets go far deeper than most people realize. This is one […]