May 12, 2016
Tax Tip: Rules for Home Office Deductions

What Should You Know About the Taxpayer Advocate Service?

What Should You Know About the Taxpayer Advocate Service? The Taxpayer Advocate Service is an independent group within the IRS that works to protect taxpayers under the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. They also help taxpayers resolve issues and act as the taxpayer’s voice within the IRS. Here’s what you should know: Advocates can help you resolve lingering issues with the IRS that you cannot resolve alone. They work with individuals, businesses, and tax-exempt organizations at no charge. You may be eligible for help if your IRS problem is causing financial stress or if you believe an IRS procedure is flawed. You can find a Taxpayer Advocate through your local directory and at You can also call their hotline at     1-877-777-4778. Tip courtesy of So above are all he thing you need to know About the Taxpayer Advocate Service, do share it with others and spread the knowledge. I f you like this article then please share it with your relatives and friends on social media platforms or anywhere you want. Stay connected with us and come often to view new articles which will helps you in increasing knowledge about managing your life financially. We are working very […]