June 25, 2016

Laying the Groundwork for Financial Success

Laying the Groundwork for Financial Success Today we are going to tell you about the “Groundwork for Financial Success”, From time to time, I get people in my office that are just starting out in life or they’ve gone through a bankruptcy or something of that nature and they’re ready to change their future. Perhaps you’re in that category yourself and you’ve spent far to long spinning your wheels on how to make your money work for you and you’re ready to say, “I’m tired of this and I want to be successful.” If that’s you, then you’re already on the right path, because in order to have financial success you have to realize what prevents financial success and you’ve obviously already done that. So where do you start? Get a Plan—I know I harp on this all the time but it really is paramount for success. If you hop in the car without a place to go you’ll likely end up nowhere and just run out of gas. It’s the same situation financially. You can’t get to where you want to be if you don’t know where you’re going and eventually you’ll just run out of steam feeling defeated. So […]
March 24, 2016

Four Measurements of Wealth – Financially Simple

Four Measurements of Wealth There have been numerous articles written on the correlation between money and happiness. A quick Google search will turn up 650,000,000 hits in 0.56 seconds. Most of these articles will offer similar conclusions, like this February 2015 article in the Huffington Post, that while money can provide you with a certain level of comfort, it will not make you happy. That got me to thinking…your bank accounts may tell you what you can and can’t afford, however, can they really tell you how wealthy you are? Today the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines wealth as: 1. a large amount of money and possessions 2. the value of all the property, possessions, and money that someone or something has 3. a large amount or number. However, I found it quite interesting when I looked up the definition in an old dictionary—Webster’s 1828 Dictionary—it was defined like this: 1. Prosperity; external happiness. 2. Riches, large possessions of money, goods or land; that abundance of worldly estate which exceeds the estate of the greater part of the community; affluence; opulence. The second definition certainly lines up with what many would measure their status of wealth by today, but the first intrigued […]