October 10, 2016

Should I go to College?

One of the biggest decision we face in life is, “will I be going to college,” Not only is it a weighty decision that may control many outcomes in our life, but we often make the choice at an extremely young age. Most just ask, “Should I go to college?” For the most part, we’ve touted going to college as the greatest necessity to be successful in our country. However, with recent changes to the economy and the rapid growth of technology, views are evolving as fast as the next generation of iPhones. According to recent reports, college is no longer ‘prerequisite’ to success that it once was. Currently, the job market is weak, and this means that fewer young people are willing to pay the high fees and go through four years of studying for the risk of not seeing a reward. Just recently, a poll showed that around half of white-collar workers believe a degree is necessary for their job. Additionally, nearly 60% of all US workers don’t need an undergraduate degree. Thus when your young adult asks, “Should I go to College” you can understand their questioning conventional wisdom. However, the debate roars on because nearly 70% of […]