August 3, 2016
Stock Market Highs

What to do during Stock Market Highs

Both the DOW Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 have reached all time highs in recent weeks, which may have sent your stocks skyrocketing, but as we’ve seen in the past, the stock market highs and lows are anybody’s guess. In May of 2000, the S&P closed at 1,537 and then just over two years later bottomed out to 777. As the markets recovered, we saw yet another big gain in October of 2007; only to watch the bubble burst yet again a year and half later when the S&P closed at 677. Now with closing numbers over 2100 being recorded in July of this year, you may be asking yourself what should I do?   Review and rebalance your portfolio With the markets at an all time high, the first thing you to assess is, where you are in your retirement? If you’re still 15-20 years away, you may […]
June 3, 2016

What Should I Do In A Volatile Market?

The stock market moves up and down; sometimes rapidly. I will addresses what you should and should not do in volatile markets. If you have not yet watched the video yet then please watch it now for the full tutorial. If you like our videos then share it with your family and friends and support us to provide you such useful information continuously. Thanks for watching. And don’t miss our other informative financial videos. Justin Goodbread owns Knoxville Tennessee-based Wealth Management Firm Heritage Investors who works with select successful business owners and retirees by building comprehensive financial plans.
April 13, 2016
best time to buy a stock

When is the best time to buy a stock?

When is the best time to buy a stock? Hey guys it’s Justin Goodbread. I’m bringing you the client question of the week. We’ve all heard this one, “Justin when’s the best time for me to buy a stock?” You’ve heard it! You’ve been at a party your friends are telling you about it you’re here XYZ company… I have four rules before you buy a stock. 1st. Do you have your emergency fund in place? Justin,  you always preach about this! Yep, you’ve  gotta have money in the bank before start investing. You need three to six months worth of expenses setback. 2nd. Are you contributing to your retirement account? You have to be contributing to retire account before you play the stock market. 3rd. Purchase stock in the company that you’re familiar with.  Where do you shop? I love to hunt and  fish. Its  just my thing.  So maybe I  buy a stock of the company that pick up […]
April 5, 2016
Special Quarterly Update: Roller Coaster Q1 Ends Mixed

Special Quarterly Update: Roller Coaster Q1 Ends Mixed

WEEKLY UPDATE – APRIL 4, 2016 “Special Quarterly Update: Roller Coaster Q1 Ends Mixed”, After a rocky start to the year, most stocks ended the first quarter slightly higher, which is remarkable considering the negative sentiment that caused stocks to selloff in the early weeks of 2016. For the quarter, the S&P 500 gained 0.77%, the Dow grew 1.49%, and the NASDAQ fell 2.75%.[1] Markets faced serious headwinds last quarter due to slowing economic growth around the world. Combined with rising interest rates, a strong dollar, and falling commodities prices, we faced a perfect storm of factors that ticked off a stock market correction. However, after falling by as much as 10.5% earlier in the quarter, the S&P 500 gained 6.8% in March. That’s the best performance since October 2015.[2] Given the roller coaster ride we’ve had this year, the recent gains are a testament to the resilience of investors. […]