May 27, 2016
Hire a CFP

You Can Afford a CFP®!

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ is that only the affluent can afford them. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In all honesty, you can’t afford NOT to hire a CFP® when it comes to planning for future expenses and here’s why. If you’re looking to lose weight, people have been told over and over the benefits of hiring a personal trainer. Even when it comes to running a race, having a coach help you prepare is invaluable. However, our financial health is an area we overlook and ignore the most. Yet we can benefit greatly from hiring a “personal trainer” for finances just as much. That’s where a CFP® comes in. My job is to understand a client’s goals and help them develop a plan of action to meet those expectations and do my best to keep them from getting derailed along the way…just like a […]
May 13, 2016
Broker vs Wealth Manager

Broker vs Wealth Manager… What’s the Difference?

Financial advisor, financial planner, broker, wealth manager, investment advisor, stockbroker, and agent: don’t they just perform the same scope of work? It is true that the financial world has done a very good job of confusing the populous. Then, to add to the confusion, when one starts to examine this alphabet soup within the financial world, the distinction between these different titles often creates even greater confusion. Perhaps this is an over-simplified answer to the question, but this is a good general rule and a great starting point in your attempt to identify just the right financial person for your specific financial need. A broker typically focuses on a small component of your financial life, while a true wealth manager looks at the complete picture.