May 14, 2016
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4 Steps to pick a Mutual Fund in your 401(k)

“4 Steps to pick a Mutual Fund in your 401(k)”, Picking the right mutual fund may seem like a daunting task when landing a new job or revisiting your 401k investments at your current job. However, it doesn’t have to be nearly as mind-boggling as it may seem. While this is not the level of detail that a CFP®, Wealth Manager, or  Investment Advisor is going to provide you as their client, it is a simple strategy to help you choose the mutual fund that’s right for your investment needs. In order to start choose your investing style: a.k.a – asset allocation. How much small, mid or large cap do you want? Are you considering international as an option? Do you desire fixed income?   If you still need some help deciding the type of investor you are, then Google ‘risk tolerance exam’  and you’ll turn up a litany of resources […]