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8 Resources Tax Pros Must Use for Cybercrime Protection

Tax Tip Tuesday Financial Blog Post

Cybercriminals are working harder and harder to access personal and secure data. One of their most targeted subjects are tax professionals. If they can obtain taxpayer data it is like hitting the jackpot. These criminals take the information and file fake tax returns. Many tax pros think it can’t happen to them, but it can–and it does. The IRS reminds all tax preparers of their responsibility to secure the sensitive data of their clients. Cybercrime protection is becoming more and more vital.

The IRS partnered with state tax agencies and members of the tax industry to create the Security Summit and help with cybercrime protection. Through this partnership, they are fighting identity theft. While they make progress, criminals need more data to file fraudulent returns. This, in turn, makes tax professionals, payroll professionals, and employers targets of identity thieves. Security Summit Partners remind tax professionals to take all possible steps to keep data secure.

Resources to Secure Your Tax Data:

  1. Check for IRS alerts at the Protect Your Clients; Protect Yourself page.
  2. Read the Small Business Information Security: The Fundamentals. This publication is issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
  3. Implement tips from the Don’t Take the Bait page. There are many steps taxpayers can on their own to recognize common criminal tactic.
  4. Take qualified courses on data security to earn continuing education credit.
  5. Protect their e-Services account password, Electronic Filing Identification Number, and Preparer Tax Identification Number from theft.
  6. Review the checklist for Safeguarding Taxpayer Data, Publication 4557. You’ll find tips for a cybercrime protection plan.
  7. Get quick alerts from the e-News for Tax Professionals.
  8. Visit the IRS on social media – @IRStaxpros on Twitter and Facebook.com/IRStaxpros.

More Information:

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