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In order to grow into a thriving company your business MUST run like a well-oiled machine. That is why we are covering in-depth all the systems and operations that streamline all aspects of your business..

March 1, 2019
Build Business Operational Systems for Maximum Growth

Build Business Operational Systems for Maximum Value Growth

Whenever I say the word “Operation,” perhaps your mind goes back to the childhood game of Operation. I’m not talking about medical procedures or childhood games. What I’m talking about is the flow of your business – how you deliver your goods or services to your customers. If you’re trying to increase the value of your company, then you must build business operational systems.
March 4, 2019
Operational Steps Service-Based Businesses Should Take

Operational Steps Service-Based Businesses Should Take

To effect growth in your business, having well-defined steps in your business operations is a must, no matter how big or small the company. Even the smallest improvement to the management of a process will yield positive results. Since I work with more service-based businesses than manufacturing-based businesses, I want to give you the operational steps you need in place in your service-based business. 
March 6, 2019
Operational Issues that Weaken Your Business

3 Operational Issues that Weaken Your Business’s Infrastructure

If the operational and management systems in your business are not working to add value and growth to the company, you need to start looking for the cause of the problems. You may have to look long and hard. Yet, keep at it. Most likely, you’ll find that the root of your problems comes from one of three operational issues.
March 8, 2019
The Evolution of Business Operations Management

History Lesson: The Evolution of Business Operations Management

Thus far in this Value Growth Series, I’ve discussed operational systems you can use and operational steps you can take in your business. Yet, in order to understand how operational systems work in your company, you need a little history lesson. Therefore, in this article, I’m going to take you through the evolution of business operations management.
March 8, 2021

Operations Manual – the Requirements and Easy Tips for Updating

This entry is kicking off a short “How To” series here at Financially Simple. Each installment in the series will focus on a different subject and how to execute it. So, today’s entry is all about how to make an operations manual. More specifically, I’m going to look at how you can use technology to optimize your operations manual.
April 22, 2021

Behind the Curtain – Operations KPIs with Amy Ahrens

We’ve finally reached the final area in our deep dive into the KPIs of the 8 key areas of business, here at Heritage. During this series, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with several people from the Heritage team, and give you an in-depth look at our business. For the final key area, I knew I just had to speak with our COO, Amy Ahrens. I mean, who knows more about the metrics that go into operations KPIs than the Chief Operations Officer? Join me as I share some of the insights that Amy shared with me.