Business in Crisis educational series

Doing Business During Crisis

The coronavirus has had a massive impact on people and businesses all over the world. Many of the preventative measures put in place have made it very difficult to be a business owner. Lockdowns, masks, soft-openings, people staying at home... all leave you, the small business owner, laying awake at night.

And yet, despite everything, the entrepreneurial spirit lives on. Traditional ways of conducting business have transformed into creative adaptions that help keep the doors (figuratively) open. From operating a remote workforce to implementing tactics to improve your business during mandatory closures to reopening plans, we have some ideas and information that you won't want to miss!

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  • Inflation is Coming… What Does It Mean for Small Business?
    There is a dark cloud floating around the business sphere right now. It has been discussed in every major board room. I’ve even had a few business owners reach out to me with their concerns. It is no longer lurking around the corner, keeping many business owners on edge. But what can you do to mitigate the damage done to you and your business? Join me, as I take an in-depth look at rising inflation and what it means for your business.
  • Stimulus: Should Business Owners Pay Off Debt or Invest?
    Recently, the government approved the second round of economic stimulus checks for the American people. With the influx of cash, many business owners are asking how it would be best put to use. In today’s post, we will address how business owners can use the stimulus to their advantage, using principles that can be applied to any sudden windfall. Should business owners use the stimulus to pay off debt or invest?
  • business in the midst of COVID-3
    Business as Usual? How COVID-19 Has Changed The Way We Do Business
    So much has changed since the beginning of 2020. The way we socialize, how we learn, even the way that we operate our businesses, all have been changed by COVID-19. So, as we push forward, what does the new normal mean for our businesses and how can we set ourselves apart? There have been many business changes in the midst of COVID-19. As entrepreneurs, it is up to us to adapt and find new ways to flourish. In today’s blog, I want to address some of these changes and look at ways we can position our businesses to succeed.
  • how to set business goals
    Caution: Don’t Quit Working On Your Business
    Setting business goals at this point in 2020 can seem pointless. However, I was thinking about what 2020 has been like for business owners and I thought that this was a perfect analogy. Down here in the south, NASCAR racing is one of the more popular sports. Now, I don’t quite understand the appeal of watching cars drive in a circle for 3-4 hours but many people love to watch the races. Inevitably, when you have a bunch of vehicles traveling in a pack, at a high rate of speed, there’s going to be an accident. When there is a crash in a NASCAR race, they begin waving what’s known as the caution flag. It warns the other drivers to slow down while they get the wreckage cleared from the track. Even though you might have been forced to slow down, don’t stop!
  • How Small Business Owners Can Stay Positive During COVID
    How Small Business Owners Can Stay Positive During COVID
    If you’re like most small business owners—or the rest of the world, for that matter—you probably weren’t prepared for the economic disasters that have been caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, in July 2020, 70% of small business owners were concerned about the financial hardships due to prolonged business closure. Chances are good that even the most well-prepared business owners will come out of this with a limp. Everyone will be affected but the question is, to what degree? Even the most unprepared business owners can stay positive during COVID in order to stay focused.
  • Successful Team Management
    Team Management During COVID: 5 Points You To Consider
    I love people. I enjoy encouraging them and helping them grow. Part of that is because of my personal faith and some of it is just who I am. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, I have grown to realize just how much I can’t wait to be around them once again. As I was reflecting on this, I began to think about today’s topic. As business owners, the people on our teams are our biggest asset. Although I truly believe that, I also understand that managing that team can be quite difficult, but also rewarding at times. That’s why I’ve put together five points every business owner should know for successful team management. As our teams come back online after the shutdowns, it is the perfect time to address older issues and start with a clean slate.
  • 10 Keys to Keys to Proactively Reopening Your Business
    10 Keys to Proactively Reopening Your Business after the Shutdowns
    I am an avid fisherman and outdoorsmen. If it involves being in the woods or on the water, I am ready to go. As a fisherman, I learned very early on that different fish, waters, and even locales require different approaches. What works for bass fishing in East Tennessee doesn’t necessarily work when I’m fishing for trout in Montana. Depending on my goal, I need to change and adjust my tactics. The same is true in business. Sometimes, we need to change our approach in order to find success. In today’s business climate, more and more business owners are discovering that what worked before the closures may not work when they reopen their businesses. Recently, we discussed how turnaround management can help small business owners to form a new approach. Today, I’d like to dig a little deeper with 10 keys to getting off on the right foot when reopening […]
  • PPP Forgiveness Requirements
    PPP Forgiveness Requirements: A Business Owner’s Guide to Navigating the Rules
    Latest update: 2/1/2021 Business owners all over the country have taken advantage of the SBA’s Payroll Protection Program (PPP). So many, in fact, that the PPP has already exhausted its $350 billion budget. Although some of you may still be waiting for your funds to be deposited, many others have already received their money. But what do we do with the money now that we have it? After all, the beauty of the PPP is its forgiveness provision. In today’s article, I will detail some ways to get the most out of your PPP forgiveness.
  • Marketing In Uncertain Times
    Turnaround Management: 4 Essential Techniques for Restarting Your Business
    The entrepreneurial spirit is one of adaptability, ambition, and determination. We adapt to changing economic and business trends. Our ambitions lead us to create the best possible future for ourselves, our businesses, and our communities. Dogged determination means we will never taste permanent failure, only temporary setbacks. These traits are the very reason that I will bet on the entrepreneur every single time. Likewise, these traits provide the foundation for our path forward. For many business owners, turnaround management is exactly what their organization needs to emerge victorious when the pandemic comes to an end. Follow me as I explain four essential techniques to turnaround management.
  • SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan 7a 7b
    SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loans – Immediate Hope For Businesses
    Last update – 2:13 PM, February 8, 2022 Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, news and information have changed at a frenetic pace.* As the information on the Senate Cares Act was released on 3-27-2020, it was already in the process of changing. So what has the Cares Act changed for us, as business owners, in regards to the Economic Injury Disaster Loan? What do we do with this new information? Who is eligible? What portion of the loans will be forgiven? These are just some of the questions that we will address as we look at the update to the Cares Act and what to do now.
  • Moving to A Remote Workforce
    Moving to A Remote Workforce Due To COVID-19 – Pros, Cons, Implementation
    Over the last ten to fifteen years the idea of businesses utilizing a remote workforce has grown in popularity. However, the outbreak of COVID-19 has forced many business owners to adopt this model almost overnight. With such a break from the traditional business model, there are bound to be logistical issues. How do you monitor your team’s production? What’s the best way to train them? Are there ways to foster teamwork when everyone is isolated? I had the chance to talk about these subjects and more with a fellow entrepreneur that has worked with a remote workforce since 2008. Join me as I share what I’ve learned about the ins and outs of running a business with a remote workforce.
  • dental marketing during the closures
    Marketing Your Dental Practice In Turbulent Times
    Even in normal circumstances, today’s subject is one that many entrepreneurial doctors struggle with. The truth is that many business owners — not just doctors and dentists — aren’t fans of marketing. It’s difficult to really know how much time or money to commit to it and oftentimes, it’s even more difficult to measure the results. Since that’s the case when everything is moving along like normal, surely you should abandon your marketing initiatives altogether in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic… Right? Not so fast! I’d like to spend a little time talking about how and why you should be marketing your practice in turbulent times.
  • Regaining Control of your Dental Practice Using Strategic Planning
    Dental Practice Closure? Don’t Waste the Time… Do a SWOT Analysis
    We are facing unprecedented challenges in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many states are imposing lockdowns in which all non-essential businesses are closing their doors including your dental practice. You have been ordered to cease operations until further notice. So what good could possibly come of all of this doom and gloom and government-mandated downtime? How about the wholesale improvement of your practice? A perpetual optimist, I try to seek out the silver lining in all situations. That’s why I believe that this is the perfect opportunity to really improve your dental practice by conducting a SWOT analysis. Follow along with me as I explain how to make the most of an otherwise frustrating experience in the life of your practice.