Building a Sellable Business - How to Grow a Business to Sell

Building a Sellable Business Series... How to Grow a Business to Sell

As part of our mission of teaching business owners how to make their business a valuable asset (not just believe it has value), we have started this small business education blog and podcast series. The goal is to take you through steps of how to assess, modify, and grow a business to be its most attractive to potential buyers when you want to sell it. In my years as a certified financial advisor and business coach, I have seen many common trends – some of successful, and others of unsuccessful business owners. I will talk about both (and other topics in between) in easy-to-understand, simple terms. I want you to understand how your business can (and MUST) be more than a weekly paycheck. It must become a nest-egg that, when sold in the end, meets your long-term financial goals.