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April 26, 2020

“Out of the Box” Approaches to Saving for a College Education

The birth, or even adoption, of a child, is an exciting event in the life of any couple. Excitement can quickly turn to panic when you start thinking about the future though. Most parents automatically assume their child is heading off to college at some point in the future. It’s just the mindset our society ascribes to today. We tell them in order to be successful they should ultimately seek a college education, leaving little room that there is any other option in life. We’re basically telling them everything they do from Kindergarten on is to get them to college. Then life is planned according to what they do once they get to university.  So what’s the problem with this? There’s a few actually.
March 19, 2019

6 of the Most Popular Investment Options for College Savings

If you’re ready to start saving for your children’s higher education expenses, then you may be wondering where you should put your money in order to receive the best benefit. Thankfully, you have a myriad of investment options for college savings. Let’s look at the most popular.
March 12, 2019

When Should I Start Saving for College?

As a father of three, I’ve often asked myself, “When should I start saving for my kids’ college educations?”. With dollars flying out faster than they’re coming in, where do I find the extra income in my budget… especially when life just happens? However, I feel like I have to start making plans! My kids are rapidly approaching their college years, with my oldest just four years away from beginning her higher education journey. Coincidentally, my kids will be in college for at least 12 consecutive years! So obviously, the sooner I start saving for my kids’ college educations, the better. Yet, before I start saving for college, there are a few things I need to do first… and so do you.
January 4, 2019

Our Top Business Games… Learn Business the Fun Way!

Maybe it’s because I’m a business owner myself or maybe it’s because I like giving my kids every opportunity in the world, but I don’t want my children to learn business ownership skills the hard way. That is why I have created my list of top business games. I want to equip them now with some of the basics of business in case they want to open their own company in the future and one simple (and fun) way to learn is through play. So, turn off the TV, grab a game, and make some family memories that will help them in the future.
May 3, 2018

9 Financial Games for Kids That Teach Monetary Principles

As parents, we want to make sure that we have provided our children with every possible advantage in this life. Knowing that we have prepared them to succeed as adults is the ultimate peace of mind. However, finding effective ways to teach many of the necessary life skills can be challenging and it’s even more difficult to teach them in a way that is both engaging and fun. Nowhere is this more true than when we are trying to teach our kids one of the most important lessons they will ever learn: finances. That’s why our team at Financially Simple has put together our list of what we think are the best financial games for kids. These games will expose your children to the rules they will encounter during banking and managing money as they grow up. The best part, when playing these games, is that they can take financial risks […]
October 3, 2017

Tax Tip: Check Out College Tax Benefits

Reminder for Parents, Students: Check Out College Tax Benefits With back-to-school season in full swing, the Internal Revenue Service reminds parents and students about tax benefits that can help with the expense of higher education. Two college tax credits apply to students enrolled in an eligible college, university or vocational school. Eligible students include the taxpayer, their spouse, and dependents. American Opportunity Tax Credit The American Opportunity Tax Credit, (AOTC) can be worth a maximum annual benefit of $2,500 per eligible student. The credit is only available for the first four years at an eligible college or vocational school for students pursuing a degree or another recognized education credential. Taxpayers can claim the AOTC for a student enrolled in the first three months of 2018 as long as they paid qualified expenses in 2017. Lifetime Learning Credit The Lifetime Learning Credit, (LLC) can have a maximum benefit of up to $2,000 […]
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