July 19, 2018
Second-to-die Life Insurance

A Second-to-die Life Insurance Policy Can Help Reduce Estate Taxes

If you have ever shopped for life insurance, then you know it can be quite overwhelming. There are many different options. Two of the most popular are term insurance and whole life, both of which you have likely heard of. However, today, I’m introducing you to another type of life insurance policy. The second-to-die life insurance policy is a policy which is often employed as part of an estate plan. 
September 1, 2017
steps to prepare for a storm

Financial Steps to Prepare for a Storm

No matter what your religion is, you have probably heard the Bible verse, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Or what many refer to as the Golden Rule, which can be found in many religions. That’s exactly what happened in Houston, TX after Hurricane Harvey made landfall in 2017. Millions around the country showed up to help with relief efforts. With the amount of devastation, all these efforts were great. Sadly, Texans will be cleaning up long after the good samaritans that came to their aid are gone.
August 14, 2017

An Umbrella Policy – The ONE Insurance Small Business Owners MUST Have

RAs a business owner, you know there is a litany of insurances you need to protect yourself and your business from various mishaps. There’s home, auto, life, disability, business overhead, general liability, you get the point. We are insurance poor (business owner’s especially). However, there’s likely one insurance in particular that you may not realize you need. Most business owners tend to overlook this particular policy. Some may even dismiss it as an unnecessary expense. In spite of that, I’m going to tell you today that just isn’t true. It’s vital for your security. What insurance am I alluding to? An umbrella policy.
June 5, 2017
keep your beneficiary statuses updated

Keep your Beneficiary Statuses Updated

Marriage is a bond that not only ties your hearts but your finances too. Recently, a client that lost a spouse asked me, “What should I do with the money?” There are many answers to this question depends upon your own personal situation. In this particular case, both spouses were previously married to other people. One ended in death, while the other ended in divorce. So obviously this was a blended family. When the wife passed, she left the money in her IRA to the husband. His primary concern was how do I take this money and divide it among the beneficiaries? That’s why it’s so important to keep your beneficiary statuses updated on all important accounts and legal documents.
May 16, 2017
tips for disaster preparedness

IRS Offers Tips for Disaster Preparedness

Preparing for tornados, hurricanes, and other natural disasters, before disaster strikes, can reduce stress when it comes time to file claims or rebuild after the catastrophic event.
June 14, 2016
Business Mistakes Doctors Make

Health Savings Accounts: Why They Are Useful and How to Set Up

Did you know that even with the skyrocketing costs of medical care, there are ways you can reduce those out of pocket expenses? And if saving money sounds like something you want to do then you’ll definitely want to look into a Health Savings Account (HSA). These accounts are tax-exempt trusts that are set up to help with qualifying medical expenses…in other words, you can pay yourself back for those doctors visits. However, there are some guidelines you have to follow in order to obtain one.