April 24, 2019

How Money Biases Affect the Way You Spend, Save, & Invest Money

Today, I want to talk about the psychology of money, or what’s known as behavioral finance. If I’m going to teach you how to take control of your personal finances (your cash flow, your risks, your investments, and your distributions), you must know why you lose control of them. You see, the way you think about money directly affects the way you behave with money. Your personal beliefs and your unique experiences create your biases about life and about money. Those money biases affect your feelings and expectations about money which then lead you to handle money a certain way.
April 22, 2019

An Introduction to Personal Finance for Small Business Owners Series

Business owners are a unique breed of people. We are the only people I know who will work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours for “the man.” We have a tendency to pour all of our energy into our businesses. Yet, we often fail to take care of our personal wealth or personal health. In this newest series – Personal Finance for the Business Owner – my goal is to show you that your personal finances matter more than your business and give you the knowledge to work on this balance. Yes, your business probably provides you with your personal income. However, what you do with that income matters more than the business that provides you with it.
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