March 30, 2021

Sales KPIs – Behind the Curtain with Jeff Jeter

I recently discussed APIs, KPIs and KRIs within my business in a series that I’ve been calling, Behind the Curtain. Today’s entry will continue that series and focus on the KPIs within our sales department. To gain a greater insight into the sales KPIs within my businesses, I turned to my dear friend and colleague, Jeff Jeter. Jeff is one of our advisors and has earned his CFP®, ChFC®, and CEP® designations. In addition to being a great advisor, Jeff is our Director of Planning and has helped us solidify, strengthen, and condense our sales KPIs.
February 1, 2019
Creating a Sales Compensation Plan

Creating a Sales Compensation Plan That Works for You & Your Team

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you probably get a little flustered trying to create competitive and fair compensation plans for your employees, especially your salespeople. Pay can be extremely rewarding if it is competitive, or very frustrating if it is not. You see, employees pay close attention to their compensation plans. If you make changes to their plans, your plans may backfire. In order to protect yourself, you need to know what needs to be in a best-in-class sales compensation plan.
January 30, 2019
Steps to Finding Best in Class Salespeople

5 Steps to Finding Best-in-Class Salespeople for Your Business

Having a great sales team is easy if you hire great salespeople. You must pick people that understand that consumers don’t want anything to do with overly pushy salespeople. They don’t want products or services shoved down their throats. Today’s consumers want solutions to problems that your company provides and only when they need them. It is the job of best-in-class salespeople to understand this in their sales process. That means it is even more important that you know how to pick these best-in-class performers for your sales team.
January 28, 2019
How to Manage a Sales Team

How to Manage a Sales Team Using the T.E.A.M. Approach

You didn’t get where you are as a business owner by yourself. You must allow your teams, like your salespeople, to do what they are good at doing in order to grow your business. But relying on your staff does not mean “set and forget.” You must know how to manage your sales team. When you’re trying to generate leads and make sales, I recommend that you manage them using a system like the T. E. A. M. approach as the starting point to creating your best-in-class sales force.
January 24, 2019
Moving from a Traditional Sales Process and Modern Sales Process

Changing to a Modern Sales Process from a Traditional Sales Process

As a business owner, you have salespeople on your team, or you are responsible for selling goods and services in your business. Thus, most likely, you recognize the term “sales process.” You know that many prospective clients will enter the wide end of the funnel, but few will exit through the narrow end of the funnel. In other words, many potential customers will hear about your goods and services. Yet, few will buy. It’s hard to turn potential customers into actual customers in today’s cutthroat, internet-savvy sales world. To do so, you must utilize a modern sales process rather than an outdated, traditional sales process. 
January 21, 2019
Elements Of A Best-In-Class Sales Structure

10 Ways to Create a Best-in-Class Sales Structure

Now that I’ve discussed how planning and leadership can increase the value of your business, I want to show you how SALES affect the value of your organization. In the next few articles, I’ll walk you through the sales structure, processes, procedures, team members, and departments. To begin this mini-series, though, let’s start with how to create a best-in-class sales structure.