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Researching Selling Your Business?

You are thinking about a strategy for exiting your business. But have you heard the stat that only 20% of small businesses actually sell? If you're like most business owners, all your retirement hopes are tied into the selling of your business. So, how can you be part of the 20% that sells?
Join us as we show you how to improve your business to make it attractive to future buyers.
Will it be tough? Sure, but you're no stranger to hard work, right?

Here are the top questions business owners like you are asking:

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Where do I start if I want to sell my business?

You need to understand the big picture… how the industry determines the “value” of your business.

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How do I determine how much my business is worth?

Many aspects make your business valuable. Sadly, the actual value of your business might be less than you think.

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Is there a “secret” to increasing my company’s value?

Yes, buyers and valuation experts look for certain things when they place a valuation on your business.


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