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Justin Goodbread Named Exit Planning Institute’s Leader of the Year for 2018

Exit Planning Institute's Leader of the Year

For the last six years, the Exit Planning Institute has honored advisors working to make a lasting impact in the area of exit planning. For his contributions toward advancement in the exit planning arena, Goodbread was one of nine CEPAs nominated for the EPI’s 2018 Excellence in Plannings awards.

His thought-provoking insights as an entrepreneur, coupled with his financial planning strategies, earned Justin the Exit Planning Institute’s Leader of the Year award at the EPI’s awards banquet this past September. Through his person-to-person work at his company Heritage Investors in Knoxville Tennessee, his digital education through Financially Simple’s podcasts, blogs, videos, as well as in-person speaking engagements, Goodbread is now being formally recognized for his outstanding and unique leadership throughout the exit planning industry.

Deeply troubled by the Exit Planning Institute’s own statistics that 80% of companies below 50 million dollars in revenue never sell, Justin has made exit planning education one of his top priorities for business owners. He is driven to reduce this percentage by helping owners strategize ways to grow their companies so that when they exit it is for the dollar amount they need and on the terms they desire.

As a business owner, you have hopes and dreams; more than likely one of those is for your business to leave a lasting legacy. For that reason, making your exit plan is by far one of the most impactful decisions you will ever make. As a Certified Exit Planning Advisor, Justin Goodbread wants to help business owners like yourself so that you do not become just another depressing statistic.

Be sure to head over (and subscribe) to the Financially Simple™ podcast for more great business insights, including an interview with Exit Planning Institute CEO/President Chris Snyder.


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