Justin Goodbread - Financial Advisor


Justin Goodbread the Wealth Manager

Hey, guys!  Justin Goodbread here. Do you look at your monthly budget and scratch your head? Does retirement seem like a mysterious abyss you’ll never actually reach? Well, I’m here to help. I’m a financial advisor that wants to teach you how to take the complexities of finances and make them…SIMPLE.

Imagine that! After all, it’s just money, right?

Interestingly, a recent survey by Wells Fargo recorded that almost half of all Americans say personal finances (44%) is the most difficult topic to discuss with others. Following behind that, death (38%), politics (35%), religion (32%), taxes (21%), and personal health (20%). All which ranked less difficult.

So we’d rather talk about death and taxes? WOW!

This got me to wondering why that is. Could it be a lack of education? Perhaps you can’t handle being emotional wrapped up in your money? Or are your so busy “Keeping up with the Jones” you’ve lost sight of a goal? Whatever the reason, I’m a believer in understanding your money: how it works; how not to let your emotions reign supreme; and the benefits we reap when we sow it correctly. Because of this, I subscribe to the “KISS” theory (Keep It Simple Stupid)! Who wants to think that hard? Especially when it comes to money!

So who am I?

Justin Goodbread the Family ManJustin Goodbread and his family

For starters, I lucked out and married the most beautiful girl in the world! I have three brilliant children who keep me on my toes. In the last couple of years, we opted to leave the city behind, buying a small farm in the country and building a small farmhouse. Our collection of goats, chickens, turkeys, guinea fowl, rabbits, dogs keeps us on our toes. We love watching the deer and all sorts of other critters roaming the woods around us every day. Recently one of my dreams came true: I bought a tractor!!! You can’t have a farm without a tractor, right?

Justin completing the Ironman

I’m also an avid outdoorsman, as is the rest of my family. We love camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, and traveling. If it’s outside, then count us in!

I successfully completed and survived (yes, I mean survived) several 1/2 Ironmans, marathons, and other endurance events.

I have a goal of completing a “pie-atholon” as well. That means I hope to taste 5,000,000 different pizza combinations because I LOVE PIZZA! But who doesn’t??

Justin Goodbread the Business Owner

I own Heritage Investors, a wealth management company located in Knoxville, TN. After several years of working in a large wealth management firm, my business partner and I ventured out on our own in 2009. We’ve had an incredible journey, even being featured and published several national magazines. Our boutique, planning firm snagged a full-page article,”Southeastern Leader in Wealth Management,” in a feature by Forbes magazine.


Justin Goodbread and wife on the farmAs a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ or what I prefer to call a Wealth Manager. I spend most of my time working with business owners. Not only am I a business owner, but I’ve also owned and operated several businesses since the age of 15. Over the past 20+ years, I started and sold three companies for a profit. I also purchased companies with many successes and many failures. It has been a remarkable journey.

That’s why I love working with business owners. I know what it’s like to have employees depending on you to process payroll. Owning your own business is about monitoring increasing competition, market volatility, legal changes, and other ‘business’ setbacks. My point is, with 20 years of business experience there probably isn’t a business activity in which I haven’t personally experienced or at the very least had a client who experienced it.

So walk with me as I tackle American’s most dreaded topic, finances! Let’s “KISS” your money and make life simple…at least Financially Simple.

Make it a great day!